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Web-Based Software Increases Productivity and Lowers Support Costs

You may not realize this, but most modern web sites are actually web-based software applications. This is software designed to run on a web server, and accessed through your web browser. As more businesses begin to realize the benefits of doing business online, it's only natural to start thinking of new ways to improve upon the old ways of doing things. Many business problems can be solved by using networked, web-based software instead of the traditional software designed to run on a single PC. With web-based software, you can run it on inexpensive, Internet-capable computers over TCP/IP networks (intranets), dial-up or broadband from virtually anywhere in the world. Traditional pre-packaged software products are usually not flexible enough to meet all of the requirements of a particular business type, computer hardware, or operating system. Many perform only about a fraction of the functions needed to completely run that business, and fall short as your business expands. We can help by reviewing your current business software solutions, and determine whether or not custom, web-based software would be the right choice to make your business more prosperous. If you'd like to talk to one of our web-based software developers, please call or email us for a free consultation.

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