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Object-Oriented Software

What is "Object-Oriented Software"?

Simply put, object-oriented software is the latest paradigm in software development. In such software, all elements of the program are treated as separate entities called "objects". These objects contain data used to describe itself to the rest of the program, and computer code to interact with the data and other objects. What is so impressive about this type of software is that it allows the programmer to easily describe things which exist in the real world, within the software. For example, a program handling customer information, contains computer code which define Customer objects. In the program, the data for each customer is loaded into memory as a Customer object. The Customer object contains data such as: first name, last name, address, account number, account balance, etc. The Customer object also contains other objects as data values as well, such as a Vehicle object, which contains data to describe the car that they own. Now a relationship exists between a Customer and their Vehicle. If the customer decides to change vehicles, then the old Vehicle object can be swapped out for a new one within the Customer object. To perform a vehicle change within the program, the Customer object contains computer code which handles this process. As a result, all Customer objects have the capability of changing vehicles.

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