Your Open Source Solutions Partner


We Buid Custom Web Applications Using Free and Open-Source Software

"Free" = "Freedom" to Use
"Open-Source" = "Customizable" to Your Needs

Some examples of the software we use are:

  • MongoDB - The Most Popular, FREE and Open-Source NoSQL Database for Modern Apps
  • MySQL - The World's Most Popular FREE Open-Source Database
  • PostgreSQL - The World's Most Advanced FREE Open-Source Database
  • VueJS - Open-Source Javascript Application Framework
  • FFmpeg - A FREE Cross-Platform Open-Source Solution for Recording, Converting and Streaming
  • GNU/Linux - A FREE Unix-Like Operating System That Respects Your Freedom!
  • Ubuntu - The World's Most Popular FREE Operating System (Based on GNU/Linux)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - A FREE Email Application That's Easy to Customize

We understand that small businesses have needs similar to large enterprises, such as automating day-to-day operations to save time and money. Our team specializes in building custom web applications with enterprise-level features, leveraging the power and flexibility of open-source software. Empower your business—contact us today!