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We Specialize in Database Solutions for Small Businesses

We understand that small businesses have similar needs to mid and enterprise-size corporations. Automating your day-to-day operations saves both time and money which can be reinvested into the expansion of your business so that it can grow. With your exact requirements, our dev-team can build a custom database for you with any raw data sources you can provide. We can then design and construct the software applications to the exact needs of your business. We can also integrate with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow your existing business software or 3rd party services to "talk" to your database.

We Use Free and Open-Source Software
"Free" = "Freedom" to Use
"Open-Source" = "Customizable" to Your Needs

  • MongoDB - The Most Popular, FREE and Open Source NoSQL Database for Modern Apps
  • MySQL - The World's Most Popular FREE Open Source Database
  • PostgreSQL - The World's Most Advanced FREE Open Source Database
  • VueJS - Open Source Javascript Application Framework
  • FFmpeg - A FREE Cross-Platform A/V Solution for Recording, Converting and Streaming
  • GNU/Linux - A FREE Unix-Like Operating System That Respects Your Freedom!
  • Ubuntu - The World's Most Popular FREE Operating System (Based on GNU/Linux)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - A FREE Email Application That's Easy to Customize

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