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Servers: Custom-Built

Linux Servers - Built to Order

We possess years of knowledge and experience in custom-building and configuring Linux-based servers for businesses. We can order from a major manufacture such as Dell, IBM, and HP, or build one from individual components according to your specifications. We can also install your custom-built server in our own data center, to provide your server a high-speed connection to the Internet. Interested in implementing cloud-based hosting? We can setup a virtual server for your business using Amazon Web Services platform as well.

Software Included in Basic Configuration
- A Linux-based Operating System
- Samba (for the file-sharing capabilities)
- Apache Web Server (for reliable web hosting)
- SSH2 (for remote login)

Additional Software Options
- VPN (secure remote access to files over the Internet)
- Other options are available upon request

Additional Hardware Options
- RAID (2 or more hard drives) for failsafe and fault-tolerant data storage
- Rack-mountable case
- Other options are available upon request

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