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Databases: Object-Based (NoSQL)

Our PHP Object Databases are a non-SQL, embedded, object-oriented database for PHP. Features

  • Web-Based Object Management System
  • Store and retrieve object data in PHP-native or JSON formats
  • Lookup objects by ID or search by multiple properties using standard PCRE regular expressions
  • Open and save a single object or an entire collection of linked objects
  • Create custom software-based indexes to lookup data

Hosted Version
How this works: We host your database and give you a documented programming interface to it. Free-trials coming soon!

Community Open-Source Version
Coming soon!

Commercial Open-Source License
$2,995.00 USD / per server
Unlimited client access license

OEM License
An OEM license is required if you are going to distribute PHP Object Database in your own product.
Call for Quote
Prices include updates and patches for all PHP Object Database 1.x versions.
A license is required for each server installation. However, multiple programs may interface with a single database. For more information please contact us.

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